Book Club, monthly on Mondays, 6.30 pm, online via Zoom

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Below please find a list of the books we will be reading and discussing over the coming months.

Monday 17 June 2024
The Immortilists by Chloe Benjamin


In the summer of 1969, the four Gold children—VaryaDanielKlara, and Simon—go to a fortune teller who claims that she can predict when a person will die. The woman tells Varya that she will die on January 21st, 2044, when Varya is 88 years old. Varya soon discovers that her siblings are unsettled by their predictions, though none of them reveal exactly what the woman said.

The first section of the book is told from Simon’s perspective. Nine years after seeing the fortune teller, when Simon is 16, the Golds’ father Saul dies of a heart attack at 45. Simon is supposed to take over his father’s tailoring business, but because the fortune teller told Simon he would die at 20 years old, Simon doesn’t want to waste his life preparing for a job he doesn’t want. He is also gay, and since he doesn’t feel that he can be open about it in his home city of New York, he runs away with Klara to San Francisco.

About the author

Chloe Benjamin is an American author. She has written two novels: The Immortalists and The Anatomy of Dreams. The Immortalists was a New York Times bestseller. Benjamin is from San Francisco, California.