Considering Conversion, Wednesdays, 8.00 pm – 9.15 pm (starts January 2020)

At Sha’arei Tsedek we are delighted to be supporting so many people on their Jewish journey, including those who are choosing to become Jewish with us. We will be running a four week ‘Considering Conversion’ class in January and February 2o20. The class will be taught by outstanding educator, Steve Levenson. Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu provides support to individuals and couples, and is very happy to meet and speak to anyone who is considering embarking on this Jewish journey. We work closely with the Beit Din (Rabbinical Court) of the Assembly of Rabbis/Movement for Reform Judaism, and are delighted to see so many members of our classes over the years become full and active members of the Sha’arei Tsedek community. Every one of our current students is unique…all currently have Jewish partners, some plan to marry, some are already married, some already have children together, and others hope to have a family one day. We warmly welcome individuals who are interested in conversion for themselves without a connection to a significant other. We are delighted to be creating a space for each one to grow their own Jewish life.

Course dates:


Jan – 22 & 29

Feb – 5 & 12

For more information please contact: Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu on