Gateways to Judaism Course (G2J)

Our year-long adult learning Gateways to Judaism course, in partnership with Bromley Reform Synagogue, begins in September 2023.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn, but it is especially for those who have never had the opportunity to build connections with each other and Jewish practice, history, and stories.


G2J is your weekly space to enjoy learning about, and to engage with, Jewish thought and practice. The curriculum is designed for anyone seeking to gain a foundational knowledge of our narrative, traditions and laws.

When & Where

In general, 60-minute sessions take place weekly, during term time with reading/videos in between so we can spend time enjoying discussions and questions rather than conveying facts. We are not assuming prior knowledge and we know that the experiences and knowledge levels of the G2J group is very mixed which means we can all learn from each other.

In addition to our scheduled sessions, we will, from time to time, signpost and encourage you to attend other community-led programmes, services, and events.


A Note for Conversion Candidates 

In addition to attending G2J, completion of the conversion programme requires the learning of basic Hebrew as well as regularly attending shul services and events.

The Programme Coordinator and wider shul team are here to support your Jewish journey so please be in touch with them for help or assistance.


Now the vital bit:

Participating in online learning is different from being physically together. There are the same opportunities for contact, relationship, learning, and depth of experience. But as we each join from our own homes it is particularly important to pay attention to and make good preparations for technology and space. This will support you in having the best experience of participating in G2J.

For further information please contact Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu on  or call 020 8445 3400.