Mazal Tov!

You have found the person you want to share your life with, and now you are ready to ask the really big questions… how will your wedding be the beginning of the future you are ready to build together?

We work with every couple to create a wedding ceremony that expresses who you are, and which respects and reflects the Jewish and legal realities of the wedding. A Jewish wedding takes place between two people of the Jewish faith and can take place either in our synagogue or at any venue that you choose. If one of you is Jewish we will create a unique ceremony together with you both, to take place after your civil wedding. Once again, you are free to choose your own venue. Sha’arei Tsedek is committed to gender equality and looks forward to celebrating with LGBT couples.

Please do not book your wedding until you have spoken to our team. Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu can be reached at, and our Synagogue Manager, Denise Bonham at