You don’t have to be Jewish to find your Jewish home at Sha’arei Tsedek!

Our inclusive, outward looking Reform ethos means that we are home to many families and couples who are looking for a synagogue that respects and celebrates diversity. We are also delighted to welcome individuals who are on their own journey towards becoming Jewish through choice, and wish to join our popular conversion programme.

Our rabbinic team is available if you want to have a conversation about yourself, your relationship, or your children. We work closely with the Assembly of Rabbis’ Beit Din (rabbinic court), supporting many members each year on their journey towards Jewish belonging.

We are also delighted to able to offer non Jewish people a way of being part of us through our Friends scheme, and burial alongside your Jewish partner, through Friends Plus.

If you have any questions about concerning your own or your children’s current or future belonging, please contact Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu at

If you would like to know more about the practical side of joining Sha’arei Tsedek, please contact Justine Khedoory at