Our Mission

Where community is at our heart.

We are a warm, caring and inclusive multigenerational community, passionate about creating meaningful connections and experiences, with each other, and to our Jewish lives and values.


Our Values

We are engaging and welcoming

(B’ruchim ha-ba’im – Welcome)

Members and visitors are warmly welcomed into our sanctuary.

We are a friendly, authentic and down-to-earth Reform Jewish Community, where staying true to yourself and your personal beliefs is highly valued and encouraged. We bring members together through our joyful, musical and accessible services.

Through our uplifting festival and life-cycle events, as well as our enriching Jewish learning and engaging social activities which are run by our members, helping everyone build friendships and life-long connections.

We are kind, caring and respectful

(Chesed – Loving kindness)

Everything we do is done with integrity and fairness. We are committed to creating a kind, compassionate and respectful environment where everyone in our Community is included and has a voice. Through our actions and words we follow the Torah’s guiding principles of Gemilut chasadim (acts of kindness). Ma’asim tovim (good works) and Tzedakah (charity).

We embrace our similarities and see our differences as strengths

(Eilu v’eilu – These & These)

We welcome all individuals and families who seek to develop and enhance their lives through prayer, learning, community involvement, culture and social interaction. We focus on the individual, treat everyone equally and celebrate diversity, regardless of disability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, and wherever you are on your Jewish learning journey. We are all bound together in our uniqueness.

We believe learning enriches our lives

We recognise and value the mitzvah of life-long Jewish learning by providing engaging learning opportunities and experiences to encourage participation and development We provide opportunities for our children and youth to learn and ground themselves in Jewish tradition through our nursery, religion school, B’nei Mitzvah and youth programming. Our adult learning includes interactive sessions and discussion groups which create intellectually rich and stimulating experiences.

We are continually evolving

Our heritage as a People and a Community of over 60 years creates a legacy to build on and inspire future generations. Our children and youth are at the forefront of our programming. We listen to and nurture our young people and respond to their changing needs. We support them to become confident and active future leaders and to inspire other young people in turn. We are proud of our sustaining and vibrant Jewish traditions, as well as our ability to adapt and develop innovative ideas, whilst keeping our Sha’arei Tsedek Community connected.